Dynamite Girls Love Revolution

In 2014, there's a LOVE REVOLUTION in the air! 

Everyone's beloved groovy girls (and boys) are back this year and they are hotter than ever!

Introducing the Dynamite Girls™ "Love Revolution" Collection!

Picture this... It's summer time and the crew is craving some good beats; where do they go? Well, to their favorite indie music festival of course! With cool beats, good friends and good fun in the air, the Dynamite Girls are ready to party like never before! Let the good times roll! 

This year's Dynamite Girls™ collection is composed of a mix of fan favorite characters and features the return of DG alumna Susie, as well as the introduction of a brand new girl: Tooka! With Auden and Cruz looking even more suave, this year's collection is more explosive than ever!